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Here's a gallery of pictures of my hometown, Cashel! I will be adding more in the coming weeks.

A view of the Rock as seen on the approach from Dublin.

The town side of the Rock during Janruary.

The Rock set against the backdrop of the Galtee mountains.

The Rock at dusk.

A view of Hore Abbey and the Golden Vale as seen from the top of the Rock. The Galtee mountains can be seen in the top left of the photo.

An ariel view of the Rock.

A view of the Galtee mountains accross the town of Cashel. The Church of Ireland steeple can be seen on the left.

St. John the Baptist Catholic church, which was built in 1795.

Friar St. as seen on the approach from Rosegreen.

Chez Hans. The present day building was once part of an abbey at the foot of the Rock.

Cashel Palace Hotel.

An ariel view of the North West of Cashel Town. The road from/to Dublin can clearly be seen on the right hand side. If you look closely, you can see Dominics Abbey just to the left of the bottom centre.

A collage of images from Cashel. Starting from the top left and working in a clockwise direction, Hore Abbey, grave stones embedded in the town wall, the Rock, the Heritage Centre, GPA Bolton Library, Hore Abbey, Bothán Scor, and Dominics Abbey.

The sky over Cashel as the sun sets behind the Galtee mountains.

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